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Article: Going Green - Spring Cleaning Tips That Are Good for the Earth

Going Green - Spring Cleaning Tips That Are Good for the Earth

Going Green - Spring Cleaning Tips That Are Good for the Earth

Happy First Day of Spring!

Spring cleaning is a popular time to get your life into shape. Use the opportunity to make many positive changes to your home and life. You can organize, clean, and bring a happy and peaceful feeling to yourself once you're finished. In addition, you can take earth friendly steps to do what's best for our environment while you're cleaning.


Here are some ways you can #gogreen while spring cleaning:


  1. Use green cleaning products. Your first step should be to use green cleaning products instead of traditional products that contain harsh chemicals. These products are better for your own health as well as the environment. This is because they're non-toxic and are generally made from renewable resources.


  1. Make your own cleaning products. You don't even need to purchase "green" cleaning products. You can clean just as well using homemade cleaning solutions made from baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, olive oil, soap, and hot water. They're known as the ultimate all-purpose cleaners and can clean nearly any surface.


  1. Air out your home. One of the easiest and best ways to bring a natural and clean feeling to your home is to simply air it out. This will flow out toxins and rejuvenate your home in a completely natural way. The best part: All you need to do is open the window!


  1. Keeping your air fresh. Do you use air fresheners to keep your house smelling nice? Rather than buying ready-made fresheners, you can go with something completely natural, instead. Herbs and plants give off pleasant odors. You can simmer a mixture of spices, lemon, and vanilla on your back burner to infuse your home with a warm, inviting scent. Find the recipe and more here.


  1. Use green cleaning services. Maybe you don't always have time to complete your cleaning on your own, especially the deeper cleaning that's usually associated with spring cleaning. Shop your local area for people advertising green cleaning services or use an app like Groupon to find a great deal on services; it'll take the work out of green cleaning for you and you know you'll be doing the best thing for your home and family.


  1. Prevent unnecessary dirt. You can also use spring cleaning time to bring out some new home rules created with prevention, instead of clean-up, in mind.
  • Start with the floors and all the dirty, toxic materials that get brought in on your shoes. Simply start a "no shoes indoors" policy and your house will stay cleaner in the first place.


  1. Air-dry your laundry. During spring cleaning, you might be taking the time to wash many larger items like blankets and comforters. Find a clothes line and air dry these if possible.


  1. Cleaning your furniture. You can even make your own wood cleaners and polish with healthy, natural ingredients. Use a combination of olive oil and lemon juice to clean and polish your wood furniture. This cleaner produces a shiny and pleasant smelling finish.


Going green with your spring cleaning is a great idea. You're helping our environment, exposing yourself to fewer chemicals, and saving money at the same time. Mostly, it's just best to go natural. Follow these tips to help you go green while you clean! 

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