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Originally posted on March 4, 2017

This experience into entrepreneurship has been one of excitement, terror, fun, joy, uncertainty, etc. I am extremely grateful for every opportunity and anxiously await the next one to come.

Akasha Be Well has been a idea I've nurtured and thought about for a very long time. I've created these products for family and friends who have loved them and encouraged me to start my own business. I hesitated to start for fear that I didn't know how to begin or what to do. With the support of family, friends, mentors, and an abundance of resources, I have begun this adventure.


I'm excited to see where this may lead. Thank you for walking with me.


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Your Mint Coconut Hair Butter makes my natural hair so soft, I love it!!! I love the versatility of being able to use on my hair and body!!! So proud of you and your work, God’s continual blessings I pray for you❤️❤️

Faye hartman May 22, 2017

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