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Article: Golden Milk for Your Health

Golden Milk for Your Health

Golden Milk for Your Health

As winter creeps to an end, we find ourselves seeking the warm return of the sun by getting outside and waking up earlier to enjoy the slightly longer days. However, with winter's lingering chill, we find ourselves wanting the sun's warmth now. We love how golden milk is becoming more well-known in the U.S. as it has been popular in many Asian countries for quite some time and is considered to be an ancient recipe with many health benefits.


What is golden milk? Golden milk is also called turmeric milk. It is a creamy, yellow liquid that combines milk and turmeric together.

    • You can make golden milk at home or buy it at some health food stores. These stores may also sell different versions of golden milk. It’s possible to find both dairy and vegan varieties.


    How do you make golden milk? There are many recipes for golden milk and they vary greatly. Experiment with them to find your favorite.

      • One common recipe for golden milk is easy to make: Combine a glass of milk or plant- based milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric together in a small pot on the stove. Add a little pinch of black pepper. Mix them together and let the mixture warm up on the stove.
      • Some recipes use plant-based milks such as coconut, cashew, or almond (we like oat milk) instead of dairy milk. 


      Here’s our favorite recipe. It can be customized as you’d like:

      1 cup dairy milk or your favorite plant-based milk. We like coconut or oat!

      1 tsp organic turmeric

      ½ tsp organic ground ginger

      1 tsp organic coconut oil or organic ghee

      Pinch of black pepper

      Pinch of cinnamon

      ½–1 tsp raw honey or favorite sweetener (optional)

      In a small saucepan, warm the milk uncovered over medium-high heat for 2–4 minutes, or until you see steam rising out of the pan. Add all the other ingredients, except the honey, and whisk by hand or with an immersion blender until combined. Pour into a mug, sweeten with honey (if using), and drink immediately.


      What are the benefits of golden milk? Many health benefits have been linked to golden milk, and modern science continues to investigate them. Most of the benefits come from the turmeric in the recipe. Golden milk and turmeric have been linked to a variety of health benefits, including:

        • A possible reduction in the risk of cancers
        • Better digestion
        • More energy
        • Reduction in inflammation
        • Fighting common illnesses


        How much golden milk should you drink? The answer depends on your health, lifestyle, and other factors.

          • Some people claim to see benefits from drinking several cups of golden milk a day, while others only drink it once a week. Most experts recommend drinking at least one cup of golden milk a day.
          • It’s important to verify with your physician that turmeric won’t interfere with any of your medications or other supplements. Turmeric may increase bleeding, so discuss it with your doctor before drinking it or using it in recipes.


          Golden milk has many health benefits and is refreshingly delicious. Consider making it the next time you want a warm, healthy beverage. It’s great to drink after dinner and before bedtime.

          Drink and Enjoy, Loves!



          Be Healthy. Be Well. Be Akasha.


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