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Over the years, I've learned to tweak my skincare routine as the seasons change. As winter in currently in full swing, I adjust my evening like I do my morning routine to include different things. I have sensitive, oily, blemish prone skin and am sensitive to seasonal changes. My skin requires intense hydration and semi-weekly exfoliation to keep my pores clear of dead skin cells and excess sebum to prevent acne and blackheads. In the evening, I only use an oil cleanser to clean my skin as well as oils that deeply moisturize and treat my skin. I am an oil lover and I'm not afraid to admit it!

So if you’re interested to find out what my winter evening skin care routine looks like, read on for more details.


Step One: Oil Cleanse with Perfecting Oil Cleanser

In the evening, I gently cleanse with an oil cleanser using the oil cleansing method. This method helps to deep cleanse my skin by using "like dissolves like", meaning oil dissolves oil. The delicate blend of oils, castor, jojoba, sunflower plus others, helps to gently remove dirt, oil, pollution, and makeup from my skin without stripping my skin's natural moisture barrier. I take the time to gently massage the oils into my skin for 2-3 minutes and take in a few deep breaths to relax. This is my #metime. I use a clean washcloth, soak it in hot water, wring it out, and place it over my face to steam my pores and help the oils penetrate deeply. I then use the cloth to gently exfoliate my skin as I remove the oils, dirt, and makeup from my face. Voila!

My skin feels clean, soft, and moisturized.

To see how I do this, check out this video.


Step Two: Use a Hydrating Toner/Mist

Following cleansing, I use a hydrating mist to tone by adjusting the pH and hydrate using a luxurious mix of intensely hydrating hydrosols. The mix of hydrosols: rose, rosehip, neroli, calendula, and elderflower work to create a water barrier essential to keeping my skin well hydrated and prepped for the next steps while essential oils help the serum and moisturizer better absorb. This mist helps to act as a good foundation for the next step in my routine and also as a makeup setting spray.

Weekly: Twice a week I apply a mask directly after my toner/mist. Depending on what my immediate skin needs are I'll apply a clay based mask or a detoxifying charcoal mask. The clay mask can be customized to be purifying or extra hydrating. It is a dry mask that I mix with very warm water to activate the oils in it and help relax the facial muscles. It has fine grains which are excellent for exfoliation when it's rinsed off. The detoxifying mask contains activated coconut charcoal, Aloe Vera, glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids. These ingredients help to brighten, treat, and detoxify the skin. They're especially great for oily, congested, and acne-prone skin.


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